Aspiring Educators

Course Description:

This program is geared toward students interested in becoming educators, preparing them for a career at the elementary and/or secondary school building levels. This course facilitates teaching candidates the ability to apply leadership, ethics, communication, and decision-making skills from various settings to contemporary challenges in building-level educational situations. It also serves as the platform that initiates development by planning lessons based on national and state teaching standards and the program task list outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Relevant and contemporary educational literature will be used to accomplish course goals and frame our classes.

Skills Learned:

Students will learn the leadership, organizational, and management skills to become successful teachers. They will also learn how to design, implement, and adjust lesson plans in real-world situations.

Related Occupations and Earnings:

Academic or higher-level English, Algebra I, Psychology and Early Childhood Development.

Post-Secondary Opportunities:

(3 cr) The University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg: Social Foundations of Education EFOP 1001
(3 cr) PennWest University: Early Childhood Learning Environments ECEE 2320
(9 cr) Shippensburg University: Child Development ECH 204; Positive Behavior Supports ECH 205; Becoming an Early Childhood Professional ECH 206.


Office Hours: 7:15 am to 7:45 am
2:30pm to 2:45 pm

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