CWCTC Administration

“Effective Career Education and Workforce Development: Our Plan for Excellence”, is an effort of the Central Westmoreland CTC administrative team to articulate the new direction that our school has charted. As an administration team, we have been mindful to build upon the success of effective past policy and practice while responding to new and changing expectations. These expectations come from the community, the public education system, and the labor market. In answering this call, we have initiated an array of activities related to the current movement in our country toward an improved system of public education.

Administrative Staff

Lucia, Jason – Administrative Director
Phone extension: 1308
Email: [email protected]

Szymkiewicz, Darcy – Assistant Director of Career & Technical Education
Phone extension: 1360
Email: [email protected]

Novickoff, Alexander – Assistant Director of Workforce Education
Phone extension: 1373
Email: [email protected]

Deluca, Michelle – Adult Education Coordinator
Phone extension: 1309
Email[email protected]

Tollari, Chris – Business Manager
Phone extension: 1305
Email: [email protected]

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