Course Description:

In this class you will be taught the proper work methods, procedures, and skills needed to succeed in the career of masonry. Some of the skills you will learn include equipment, materials, and basic tool handling. Exercises will be repeated in order to develop accuracy, neatness, speed, and the necessary experience to analyze and solve any problem that might be encountered during the projects. After completing this competency based program you will be able to construct walls, partitions, chimneys, and other elements of brick and masonry constructions both in commercial and residential buildings.

Students will learn the proper use of tools, estimating materials, blueprint reading, corresponding with the masonry and other building trades. The masonry program includes the study of trowel skills necessary to construct fireplaces, buildings, and foundations using brick, cement block, stone, and ceramic tile. All students learn how to care for, and safely handle tools, machines, and materials used in the trade. You will also learn the proper procedures to construct building foundations, arches, columns, piers, and how to use bricks, cement blocks, and interior and exterior stone

Skills Learned:

Some of the skills a student will be able to perform are how to use a trowel, level, and basic masonry tools, how to use a brick cutting saw, masonry layout and design, blueprint reading for the masonry trade, how to measure, level, and align work projects, construction of walls, partitions, fireplaces, and foundations, how to estimate materials, how to use a transit, and how to properly layout and build arches.

Related Occupations and Earnings:

Related occupations include Block Masons and Construction Workers. Earnings range between $14-$24/hour.

Post-Secondary Opportunities:

Articulated credits can be earned toward an Associate’s Degree at Institutions such as Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.


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