Machine Trades

Course Description:

This program prepares high school students to apply technical knowledge and skills to plan, manufacture, assemble, test and repair parts. The Machine Trades Technology program is a NIMS (Nationals Institute of Metalworking Skills) certified program that will give students proficiency in using rulers, micrometers, dial calipers and blueprint reading capabilities. Students in this classroom setting will learn to set up and operate a variety of machines including lathes, drilling presses, milling machines, grinders, and computer operated equipment (CNC). Safety measures will be emphasized throughout the program.

Skills Learned:

Some of the skills a student will be learning about are measurements & blue printing, pedestal grinder, lathe, horizontal milling machine, vertical milling machine, drill press, bench work, horizontal bend saw, surface grinder, indexing, oils, coolants, and solvents, vertical bend saw, heat treatment, job safety, computerized numeric control - vertical milling machine, computerized numeric control - lathe.

Related Occupations and Earnings:

Related occupations include Machinists, CNC Programmers and Tool & Die Maker. Earnings range between $13-$22/hour.

Post-Secondary Opportunities:

Articulated credits can be earned toward an Associate’s Degree at Institutions such as Westmoreland County Community College, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and Johnson College.


Mr. Sedlacek – Machine Trades Instructor
Phone Number – 724-925-3532 x. 1343
Office Hours: 7:15am to 7:45am
2:30pm to 2:45pm
Please leave a voicemail message outside of these times.

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