Logistics and Warehouse Management

Course Description:

Many technological advances continue to take place in the business world and Logistics & Warehouse Management students are expected to meet the new challenges. The computer plays an integral part in the make-up of any warehouse, retail store, trucking company or any individual business owner. All students will be provided the opportunity to use the computer for receiving merchandise, updating stock record cards and maintaining an ongoing inventory of every product that is received within the warehouse. The Logistics & Warehouse Management program serves as a live distribution center for Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center, as everything that is ordered, with the exception of perishable food products, is received by the logistics students.

Today's employers demand highly skilled workers. In the Logistics & Warehouse Management program students receive training and develop skills that prepare them to enter the workplace. The program can be taken over a period of two, three, or four years. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of three or more years. The curriculum is quite extensive and completely competency-based. This system allows any student to progress at his or her own rate without fear of competing with other students.

Skills Learned:

Some of the skills a student will be able to perform are Employment Soft Skills, Preparing Shipments (U.P.S.,Fed Ex., etc...), Order Picking Skill, Forklift Operation, Electric Pallet Lift Operation, OSHA training, Stock Rotation, Maintaining of School Filing System, Quality Control of Merchandise, Record Keeping Skills, Basic First Aid, Operating and Maintaining Audio Visual Equipment, and Postal Regulations and Shipping Costs.

Related Occupations and Earnings:

Related occupations include Delivery Drivers, Warehouse Stock Workers, Receiving Clerk and Material Handler.Entry level earnings range between $10-$14/hour.

Post-Secondary Opportunities:

Further education in this field can be obtained at institutions such as Lehigh Career & Technology Institute, Robert Morris College and Penn State University


Mr. Cook – Logistics & Warehouse Management Instructor
Phone Number – 724-925-3532 x. 1339
Office Hours: 7:15am to 7:45am
10:45am to 10:55am
2:30pm to 2:45pm
Please leave a voicemail message outside of these times.

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