• Co-Op / Jobs
    The Cooperative Education Program at Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center is designed to acquaint students with the world of work in their related programs and give them opportunities that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.
    The Cooperative Education Program links business and industry with education providing a realistic educational program that will be mutually beneficial to the students and employers.
    Seniors and eligible juniors who have excelled in their vocational/technical program, demonstrate good attitudes and work habits, and have acceptable attendance and scholastic records are recommended by the school to employers for on-the-job training.

    Career Internship aid in the development of partnerships between the school and business and industry. Internships consist of on-the-job paid short-term experiences in an area directly related to the students course work.
    Job Shadowing provides students with the opportunity to observe and visit actual work places under the direction of specialist within the various companies. Shadowing is intended to expose students to the many varied tasks and skills that may exist in a company, hospital or work setting. These experiences are usually short in duration and do not provide payment.
    Career Clinical Experiences are provided in the health field. Students are placed in a setting such as a doctor's office, dental office, clinic or health care center where they, under the supervision of a certified nurse, work with patients using the skills taught in the program. Health Assistant students usually get 60-100 hours of direct training. Many are able to take the Nurse Aide exam and become certified in Pennsylvania.
    If you are interested in any of the Student Career Services, please contact Mrs. Debbie L. Grindle, Cooperative Educational Coordinator, 724-925-3532 ext. 1314, fax: 724-925-1423.