• Welcome to the Technology Department of Westmoreland Career and Technology Center.  The technology department is built upon the value of helping to further our students education by bringing them the most current and relevant technology out there.  To do this, the department has 3 goals to continually meet:
    1.  Efficient Computing - What good is technology if you have to wait for it?  Here at CTC, we strive to to keep our network fast and effective by utilizing a mix of both fiber and copper Ethernet for our internal network as well as a consortium based fiber wide area network.  We also make sure that our computers meet or exceed all requirements of all software running on them for the maximum utilization of time while they are learning.
    2.  Employee Integration - CTC is constantly on the look out for improving not only our students skill sets, but also our employees knowledge.  In a world where current technology changes daily, we understand that it is important to bring along the people that must teach it.  Through workshops, conferences and also in-house individualized training sessions, we try to make sure that our instructors are giving students the very best training and knowledge out there.
    3.  Products of Tomorrow - There is always something new around the corner.  CTC is pleased to be able to provide the latest and greatest in technology out there.  From the latest versions of software, to the state of the art computer based alignment machine in the automotive department, CTC is constantly collaborating with those that work in the industry to forecast what is up and coming versus what is out-dated.

    Technology Coordinator - Grey Signal