Student Services


    Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center has two Guidance Counselors that work with school district counselors to coordinate the educational opportunities for students.



     Student Services Staff  





    Students with Last Names A - L

    Jay Elder, School Counselor

    Extension 1375

    Co-Operative Education

    Debbie Grindle

    Extension 1314

    Students with Last Names M - Z

    Lon Hayes, School Counselor

    Extension 1310

    Career Counselor

    Beth Butala

    Extension 1332

    St. Vincent ‘s Prevention Specialist

    Felecia Watt

    Extension 1388 

    The following services are available with CWCTC Counselors:


    Personal Counseling - Counselors offer guidance and support to students who may have personal or school-related concerns.



    Academic Counseling - Counselors work with students concerning grades, course selection, and attendance.



    Career Counseling - Counselors address students' questions and concerns regarding apprenticeship programs, trade unions, college searches, SAT/ACT preparation, career searches, and scholarship information.