• Technical Centers That Work

    Technical Centers That Work (TCTW) is an structured approach for school reform that has evolved out of the "High Schools That Work" (HSTW) initiative. Designed by the Southern Regional Educational Board, HSTW and TCTW are improvement models deeply rooted in research and data. This is a national effort to improve the way high school students are prepared for work and further education. TCTW provides a framework of goals, key practices and key conditions for accelerating learning and setting higher standards to meet the criteria for comprehensive school reform.

    The mission of schools in the TCTW network is to prepare high school students for both post-secondary education and a career by having students complete a solid academic core and either an academic, a career/technical, or a blended concentration. Pennsylvania has been affiliated with this initiative since 1991. Central Westmoreland Career & Technology Center joined the initiative in 2007. This initiative is what we are using to revise and improve our curriculum. Changes are occurring with the curriculum to meet the three major goals of HSTW:

    * Raise the mathematics, science, communication, problem-solving and technical achievement of more students to the national average and above.
    * Blend the essential content of traditional college-preparatory studies with quality career/technical studies.
    * Advance state and local policies and leadership initiatives necessary to sustain a continuous school-improvement effort for both academic and career/technical studies.

    TCTW sites expect students to complete a challenging curriculum that focuses on raising academic and technical achievement and meeting the TCTW performance goals in reading, mathematics, and science. To complete the recommended curriculum, each student must take:

    * At least four English courses with the content and performance standards of college-preparatory English.
    * At least three mathematics courses, including two courses with the content and performance standards of college-preparatory Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II and trigonometry.
    * At least three science courses, including two courses with the content and performance standards of college-preparatory biology, chemistry and physics or applied physics.
    * At least three college-preparatory-level social studies courses.
    * At least four courses in a planned career/technical concentration or additional course work in either mathematics and science, the humanities, or a blended concentration.
    * At least two courses in related academic and career/technical fields, including at least one-half credit in a basic computer course covering word processing, database entry, presentation software, and use of the Internet and e-mail.

    Central Westmoreland CTC, in cooperation with our ten sending schools, are working towards supporting all students to complete this challenging curriculum.

    For more information visit the Southern Region Education Board Website: