• Course Description:

    The graphic industry is a major industry composed of many smaller industries. What is important is the fact that these smaller industries represent various and numerous jobs. Students become acquainted with the fastest, most economical and improved method for reproduction. Learning is accomplished through a combination of classroom theory and practical hands-on projects.Graphics is for students who are creative, like art or design; enjoy working with audio & video equipment and software, computers, modern machinery, and technique and who take pride in their work.


    Skills Learned:

    Some of the skills a student will be able to perform are Art/Design, Desktop publishing, Photography, Pre-press, Offset presswork, Binding/Publishing, Finishing, Silk screening, Digital Design/Video and Advertising/Media.

    Related Occupations and Earnings:

    Related occupations include Auto body Technicians, Painters and Detailers.Earnings range between $13-$22/hour.

    Post-Secondary Opportunities:

    Articulated credits can be earned toward an Associate’s Degree at Institutions such as Westmoreland Community College, Oakbridge College and PTI.



    Grading Procedures:
    Approximately 25% theory, classroom instruction and 75% hands-on projects

    Suggested Prerequisites:
    Algebra I & II, Geometry, College Prep English I-IV


    *Industry & Skills Certifications:

    Print ED Certification


    Student Requirements:
    Active Listening, Controlled Precision , Manual Dexterity, Multi-Tasking.

    Student Costs:


    Text Book:

    Graphic Communications by Richard J. Broekhuizen – Glencoe


    Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center



    Mrs. Lingsch – Graphic Communication Technology Instructor

    Phone Number – 724-925-3532 x. 1338


    Office Hours:7:15am to 8:00am

    11:45am to 12:00pm

    2:30pm to 2:45pm

    Please leave a voicemail message outside of these times.

    * Cost, if applicable, may be the responsibility of the Student.